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Searching for new Christmas trends on the high-street, stores hang festive placards in their windows boasting of having the latest trendiest Christmas clothing lines. On entering various shops there is little difference between each, rail upon rail of faux fur leopard print jackets, little black creations frilled with lacy hems, seventies cable-knit jumpers and fur-lined wedges. Practically every item I saw resembled some sort of attire that was still in my wardrobe from last winter. ‘Oh, but this season’s all about vintage,’ fashion magazines claim but it seems every year it’s all about vintage, everything in the shops nowadays seem to be a recreation from a past decade, we are forever living in the sixties and eighties fashion trends but when will this vintage actually become too old?

Leopard print has seemed to arrive roundabout this season for the past four years and black lace reminiscent of a young eighties Madonna appears to never leave the shelves over the Christmas period. Of course the sixties had some good styles but do we really need to reinvent it at every chance we get? Flicking through fashion mags they are completely adorned with pencil skirts and glamorous fur jackets and models sporting bouffant hair-do’s as if they’re attempting fancy dress and the theme is Brigette Bardot. Obviously designers need to get their inspiration from somewhere but this is getting to be a bit of a joke, where are all the pioneers at? We need new clothes!

Topshop and Urban Outfitters are the key places to shop if you’re attempting to buy new clothes that look like they should be worn by ninety year olds. Chunky knit cardigans that you could probably find at the back of your granny’s wardrobe for free are being grabbed of the shelves typically at around £40 a piece and if you want to complete the pensioner look, or the ‘geek chic’ trend as people are naming it, you can’t forget a pair of oversized plastic rimmed reading glasses, (tortoiseshell design is you’re super-cool) don’t worry if you have 20/20 vision they are completely lens free. Did people not used to get made fun of for wearing this getup?
Fashion seemed to be innovative and forever changing, the variety of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics used from the early 1900s up until the nineties was tremendous and the variety of fashion trends pioneering subcultures from punk to mod to glam to goth were iconic. Then when we reached the millennium we seem to stop and instead of going forward we looked back for inspiration. Yes, the nineties was an extremely tough time for fashion and some of the garments that were deemed ‘fashionable’ were not far off horrendous but should we not be over it by now? Everything else in the world is moving fast forward whereas fashion is going back the way, how can we have run out of ideas already?

Since when was it cool to dress like your granny?

To be fair all the cool kids did seem to live in the past James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley the music was better the whole scene in general seemed to more interesting and avant-garde at the time but fifty years on and we still appear to be copying them, is it not time to move on? Or have we just lost all imagination? Who are the style icons of today? Advance on another fifty years and what will everyone think of fashion trends of the 2000’s? What even are the fashion trends of today? A continuous reinvention of a style that wasn’t even so cool when it was the genuine article.

It can be cool and funky to have the odd retro item to give you a bit off edge, I often used to aspire to those people I saw sporting the beehive, long faux fur coat or the high-waisted bottoms strolling around Glasgow because they were deemed different and ‘cool’ but now someone has caught onto this look and it seems like they have dug up every trend ever created, subsequently this attire has been flooded into mainstream fashion stores and everyone is now just a copy of someone else. I don’t understand why there’s such a craze to wear old people’s fusty clothes, take some inspiration from the past, reinvent it and add your own signature style, don’t copy it stitch for stitch!


Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, Lady GaGa, and Michelle Obama have all been branded one. But what does a supermodel living a rock n roll party lifestyle have in common with the First Lady? How can such a variety of women with such diverse styles and attitudes all be crowned a fashion icon that will ensure to go down in history for being the best dressed?

Celebrities are constantly abused and can be renowned for a lifetime for making a simple fashion faux pas, magazines take out full pages to go out of their way to bash those unlucky individuals that seem to be having a bad hair day but who decides what is completely outrageous one day and what is kooky but stylish the next? Does it all just depend on the time or maybe some celebrities just pull certain looks off better than others.
From the 1930’s style icons encompassed classic chic looks, among the Hollywood greats Greta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn became legendary for their sophisticated elegance, the simple timeless classics they donned years ago may seem bland in comparison to the outlandish creations of this era but these women will always be noted as having the perfect knack for knowing what to wear.

As we moved through the decades the fashion spotlight didn’t just shine on those on the big screen, a sophisticated presidential style was brought to light during the 1960’s. Wife to John F. Kennedy, Jackie O served as more than just the First Lady. Still considered a style icon she produced elegantly tailored pieces that merged both femininity and authority which have often be copied by the likes of similar women trying to make a good impression such as current First Lady Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton.

Sometimes the best style icons prove their worth through daring edgy looks and it’s not all about neutral colours, perfect hems and not having a hair out of place. The rise of the rock chic, Debbie Harry of Blondie brought her two-tone hair and glam-punk style to the forefront of iconic fashion which still inspires looks today. And of course Madonna who swapped undergarments for outer-garments and was crowed style queen of the eighties. A woman who is continuously reinventing herself and continuously having others reinventing her original creations, black lace, big hair and an abundance of accessories Madonna proved to be one of the most innovative and influential faces of the cultural world.

I think it certainly has a lot to do with who is wearing it, some people just exude a certain ‘cool’ that the rest of us just don’t. Half the time supermodel Kate Moss appears on a magazine page she looks as if she’s just stepped out of bed, messy tousled hair and just a flick of eyeliner to conclude her looks but it works so well for her and she pulls it off by still managing to look amazing every time. In the early stages of the 2000’s we are surrounded by a world of post-modernism and creative reinventions of past styles, we are presented with a mix match of wonderfully and often peculiar trends. I guess it just depends on whether fashion critics are feeling accepting that day or not, we often find items that were slated last year now this season’s must have. A style icon can be concluded from a variety of people whether they are elegant or edgy, a pop star or a governmental figure, history of fashion is forever changing, some trends just stick, others we often burn the evidence that it ever existed. A true fashion icon won’t just know what to wear, but how to

wear it, they know how to be creative and also stand out from the crowd even if they are wearing a simple LBD, having the right attitude and confidence goes hand in hand with the clothes they wear. We have come a long way from the simple elegance and glamour of Hepburn and Monroe and if a 21st century icon now consists of celebrities such as Lady GaGa being awarded for wearing attire made up of animal carcasses then I’m sure elegance is not on the cards for the future fashion world.