Reminiscing Fashion and Culture

2011? That’s so last year, embrace the past and step into a simpler era. American icon Marilyn Monroe is reinvented by Michelle Williams, approaching 50 years on
from her untimely death, in film My Week with Marilyn, out now in theaters. The film documents the tense relations between Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier while they were shooting The Prince and the Showgirl. Williams embodies the star wonderfully and now it’s your chance to get some inspiration, hit the shops and release your inner blonde bombshell with the fifties classics trending right now.

         You don’t need a film star budget to dress like one just have a look out for some high street brands offering those timeless classics. For day outfits think figure hugging blouses and tight pencil skirts in various beiges and creams. Try this cream pussybow blouse available from Topshop for only £32.99 and pair it up with this season’s hottest trend, the pencil skirt, enhance your curves with this black bodycon creation also from Topshop at the amazing price of £25.00 to emulate that perfect vintage chic Marilyn managed so well.

Cover up with this camel coat from Marks and Spencer’s that captures a classic Monroe day look, add a vintage headscarf and you’ll be working that Monroe glam, and it’s a bargain at £129.

Add some glitz and glam this festive season while embracing Marilyn’s iconic look, this black sequined wrap dress will flatter curves and give you that hour glass shape the star was so famous for. Similar to the one Marilyn donned during her promotion of The Prince and the Showgirl, this is available at Warehouse for £90.

Not big on accessories Marilyn opted for an understated look besides those revealing waist-hugging dresses. Match your vintage attire with simple court shoes or kitten heels, these black pumps from Zara
will recreate the demure side of Marilyn’s persona (£39.00). One of the most inspiring women of the world Marilyn was far from a size zero, embrace your curves or enhance them with a thick classic belt, this one from Miss Selfridge with cinch that waist and boost those assets (£12.00).

Don’t forget about the make-up to add those finishing touches in completing your Marilyn look. Monroe was said to have washed her face fifteen times a day to ensure she was clear and blemish free but you don’t need to go to those extremes. Check out Soap and Glory

cosmetics available at Boots that pay homage to the vintage look, start off with Hocus Focus Instant Visual Flaw-Softening Lotion (£13.00) to achieve a bright flawless look. Try the Arch de Triumph brow shaper and highlighter, (£8.00) to get that perfect Marilyn eyebrow arch. To top it off a sweep of Marilyn’s trademark siren red lipstick will give you that extra star quality. Oh and before you go always remember a spray of Marilyn’s favourite scent, Chanel No. 5.

Apart from embracing those vintage fashion looks and celebrating the life of the world’s most famous blonde what else is making an appearance from the past?

Chain smoking, champagne drinking, Lacroix wearing Eddy and Patsy are back on our screens. Nineties sit-com Absolutely Fabulous returns to mark its 20th anniversary, showing three thirty minute episodes over Christmas following the pairs uninhibited, mental lifestyle be prepared for lots of Versace, fabulous darling!

Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire are currently working the set filming an adaption of the classic, The Great Gatsby. This will be making an appearance in 2012 so why not step back into the golden age and delve into the literary genius of F. Scott Fitzgerald to conjure up images of the roaring twenties and the flapper scene.

Create a playlist of retro classics and generate the soundtrack of yesteryear. The Stone Roses were resurrected last month after fifteen year, tickets for the beginning of their official reunion tour starting in Manchester sold out in fifteen minutes but the band plan to hit the festival season next year and will be headlining T in the Park, a limited release of tickets will be sold at the beginning of December.


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