The Rise of the Virtual Shop

Over the past few years we have seen a rise in the amount of places we can shop online, I can even think of three new online stores I have heard of in the past couple of weeks. Now there are many shops that don’t actually even exist on the high street, only on the web. But what is the reason for this, is it convenience? Or that we just cannot be bothered going round the stores when we can do it sitting in front of our computers?

1994 saw the beginning of online banking, commencing on from that Ebay and Amazon arrive. Now, 2011, we reach the year where we are turning everything that we possibly can digital, we’re swapping proper books for Kindles, hard copies are on the way out, everything we need is under a click of a button.

Many fashion stores have recently begun to offer an online shopping service but one of the most popular of these is which sells both men and women’s clothing, this is an online store only. With hundreds of stores all in the one place, that being wherever you connect to the internet, it does seem a clever way to shop. ASOS continuously offer deals and there is new clothing lines added practically all the time. Next day delivery is available, free returns are offered, the only downside I can see is that you don’t get to try it on. Other up and coming virtual stores include,, and more recently

And of course you don’t get the queues at the checkouts, the annoying search for your size on the rail that is just out of your reach, or the trailing from one end of the Buchanan Street to the other to check out various shops, and with winter coming up it means you can sit all cozied up drinking a cup of tea while you find a great outfit for that Christmas outing. It is convenient and it is easier and it is relaxing to take your time and browse easily through such a range of clothing.

The thing I find that most attracts me to online shopping is paying for it. A couple of clicks and that’s you. Done. You’ve got an item on the way to you and it feels like you haven’t spent a penny, this is where you need to learn to be precautious. I could spend all day shopping online and not worry about it until I check my bank balance, but by then it’s of course too late.

ASOS now even offers their own ASOS marketplace which means all those lovers of vintage clothes can get to swap their old clothes for something equally old and worn out, it just keeps getting better! Online shopping is great for procrastinating, it’s like window shopping but you don’t need to get cold and wet and you can be simultaneously checking your Facebook as well.



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