REVIEW: Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen creates a beautiful romantic comedy swirling with fantasy. Midnight in Paris allows us to delve further into the streets of the beautiful city and the mysteries that lie between them.

Owen Wilson plays Gil, a struggling writer, travelling to Paris with his fiancé Inez (Rachel McAdams). Gil finds himself wandering, searching for inspiration through the city of love after dark which he comes to find truly lets his imagination run free.

A beautifully captured creation, the wonderful shots of Paris add to the enchanting atmosphere of the film which allows viewers to open their mind to magical possibilities. A city already bursting with vivacity and wonder is further brought to life and made to sparkle.

Wilson and McAdams have a charming, humorous connection which was first caught in Wedding Crashers, and they were definitely the right choice to cast. We see other memorable performances from the likes of Michael Sheen and Adrien Brody. Overall, a witty, surreal and charming watch.



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